Originally started in 2012 as part of Mountville’s 200th anniversary celebration in 2014, the Mountville Museum is now housed in the Mountville Area Community Center. Artifacts and items that have been donated and loaned, as well as a vast wealth of photographs, help tell the 200 year history of Mountville and the surrounding area. Officially opened in September 2013, the Mountville Museum is currently open the second Sunday of every month, from 1pm to 4pm. There is no entrance fee, but a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

To reach the museum, visitors must enter the Mountville Area Community Center via the 1901 section of the building at the Susquehanna Dance Studio. Our thanks to Mr. Ed Shopf, Mrs. Elaine Savukas, and Mr. Rick Spiegel for collecting, categorizing, and cataloging all the items in the museum.