Thank you for your interest in the Mountville Area Community Center (MACC).  If you would like information on availabilities or rates, please call us (717)-285-4873.  Our Property Manager, Mr. John Hess, will respond as soon as possible.

Please have the following information ready:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information (phone number and email)
  3. Area of interest (meeting room, auditorium, gym)
  4. Type of event (business meeting, birthday party, basketball tournament)
  5. Date of event
  6. Start time of event
  7. Duration of event (2 hr. minimum)
  8. Estimated attendance at event

Current Rental Rates:

Download our current rental rates as a pdf

One Time Rental Forms:

Download our one time rental application as a pdf


Mountville Borough Authority requires proof of Personal Liability Insurance for any individual renting a room for the purpose of a meeting or special event. This is very easy to obtain from your insurance company if you have a homeowner’s policy or renter’s insurance policy. Typically, there is NO additional cost to obtain the required proof of coverage. This coverage is for your protection as well as for the Mountville Borough Authority.

When contacting your insurance company, you will need to request the following:

1. A certificate of insurance issued to:

Mountville Borough Authority
120 College Avenue
Mountville, PA 17554

2. The amount of Personal Liability coverage for Bodily Injury/Property Damage shall be NO LESS than $500,000. If you currently carry a lower amount of coverage on your homeowners or renters insurance, most insurance companies are willing to increase the coverage to the required limit for the one day event. Because this coverage is for such a short period, if any charges are incurred, they are usually for less than $10.00.

3. Some insurance companies may want to know the date of the event, so they can list that on the certificate.

4. Please have the certificate sent to:

Mountville Borough Authority
21 East Main Street
Mountville, PA 17554
Attn.: Mr. John Hess


Event Spaces for rent

Community Room

For business meetings.



Full size Gymnasium is perfect for indoor sports.



Our auditorium can hold up to 200 people for lectures and meetings.